Frequently Asked Questions about Kairos Health Systems

Below are some frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us.

Who is Kairos?

Our Mission, Values, and History page gives a good overview of who we are.

How does our organization become a member?

See the membership descriptions in How to Join and then contact us for specifics on the level of services that interest you.

What is the benefit of membership in Kairos?

Kairos is able to leverage the numbers and the quality of its facilities in negotiations for improved reimbursement and cost savings.

How big is Kairos?

The list of our members is on the Facilities page and our service providers are under Purchasing & Consulting.

What is the Kairos service area?

In general, our membership falls in PA, MD, DE, and NJ although we do have facilities in other states.

Is Kairos a managed service (MSO) or administrative service (ASO) organization?

No, Kairos is neither a MSO nor an ASO. Kairos is an extension to our membership through the shareholder arrangement.