Senior living ... it’s our passion.

Our focused attention on Senior Living enables us to provide targeted solutions to both member and non-member organizations. We understand the unique challenges you face and have the tools and expertise that you need to ensure success. We work with communities of ALL sizes, ALL levels of care, ALL across the country.

The diverse experience and perspectives that the Kairos consulting team offers allow us to strengthen communities and adapt quickly in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Our consulting team, including Kairos staff as well as a network of closely affiliated associates, provide your organization with the tools you need to work towards growth, strategy and organizational improvement.

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Clinical & Operations

Kairos will help you streamline your organizational structures and achieve your growth goals. Whether you need an analysis to support strategic planning or a review to evaluate staffing ratios and admissions practices, we provide a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of your operations and clinical services. Our team of senior living experts will analyze your organizational structures with fresh eyes, using their extensive knowledge of industry trends, data analytics and best practices providing you with actionable steps to take to improve your performance and efficiency.


Whether you are looking for a premerger analysis or a review for benchmarking purposes, Kairos partners with you to provide a comprehensive, in-depth review of your financial structures that will strengthen and improve your financial performance, help you achieve growth goals and improve financial stability. After our review, we will provide you with a detailed financial analysis outlining our thoughts on opportunities and recommendations for your organization.

Governance & Strategy

We understand that a critical piece of organizational success starts with the board of directors. Our team can attend your board meetings to provide education and assist in interpreting data analytics. We can also guide your board through the strategic planning process or considering affiliation or partnership opportunities. With decades of experience in working with non-profit boards, the Kairos team can partner with you to maximize your potential.

Leadership Support

Kairos provides various leadership support opportunities to assist your community in enhancing organizational strength and growth. Our transition support includes utilizing the expertise of Kairos staff consultants and our network of trained associates, offering services such as interim placements, executive search services, and executive coaching.

Moreover, as an authorized DiSC® partner, Kairos can guide your team through personalized leadership workshops aimed at fostering growth, leadership development, and team building. With sessions ranging from a few hours to ongoing leadership development programs focusing on emotional intelligence and productive conflict, Kairos can help you achieve your objectives, enhance your team culture, and equip your leadership team with the resources they need to succeed.

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