Allow Kairos to help with your purchasing and consulting needs.

Group Purchasing

Kairos Health Systems, Inc. has been lawfully formed to act as a group purchasing organization (as described in Section 1001.952(j) of Title 42 of the Code of Federal Regulations) for the Kairos Members and the Kairos Facilities. In that capacity, Kairos actively develops strategic relationships with suppliers and providers. Through research, requests for proposal (RFPs) and member surveys, the Kairos Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) continually evaluates a vendor's ability to provide comprehensive products, services and programs to Kairos members at significant savings. With its unique hands on approach, Kairos assures that the costs and structures of these services and programs address the changing reimbursement environment to reduce the risk to Kairos members.

Consulting Services

Kairos Health Systems, Inc. owns and operates a consulting, management and training service, known as EXPERTLINKS, which matches qualified service providers/vendors with its shareholders, affiliated facilities and others. EXPERTLINKS is the consulting division through which Kairos provides leadership consultation and training, state-of-the-art health care delivery practices, and strategy formulation. EXPERTLINKS draws from trained leaders and associates to provide services to both members and other healthcare organizations.